Calcium Chloride Products

OxyChem offers liquid and solid calcium chloride deicer products used in winter maintenance programs to maintain ice-free conditions on roads and bridges. Included are LIQUIDOW™ Technical Grade Calcium Chloride Solution and DOWFLAKE™ Xtra 83-87% Calcium Chloride Flakes. LIQUIDOW™ is typically used in a 30-32% concentration to prewet solid deicer materials and for anti-icing applications. DOWFLAKE™ Xtra can be mixed with rock salt and/or abrasives in dry blends to restore traction quickly. Dry blends also increase the speed of melting and outperform straight rock salt at lower temperatures.


Calcium Chloride Solution

Calcium chloride in 32% aqueous solution for prewetting solid deicers or anti-icing spray applications.

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Calcium Chloride Flakes

Concentrated 83%-87% calcium chloride flake product that’s ideal for mixing with rock salt or abrasives to assist flow, avoid unwanted scattering, assist abrasive embedding, and speed ice melting.

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