Be Ready Before the Storm Even Hits

Dec 09, 2019

sun setting on snowy roadKeeping roads safe and clear is your number one priority, but Mother Nature can be a pretty tough adversary and when she releases her fury, you better be ready! Fortunately, there are a couple of ways you can outsmart Mother Nature and take on winter’s wrath before the storm even arrives. The secret? OxyChem Calcium Chloride’s LIQUIDOW™.


If you know a winter storm’s a-brewing, using LIQUIDOW™ in your anti-icing formula to treat roads before or at the start of the storm will enhance ice-melt performance and lessen the impact of ice and snow. This proactive technique prevents ice-to-pavement bonds from forming in the first place, and actually saves time and money. That’s because less product is needed compared to applying it after the storm, resulting in less material and application costs as well as less potential impact to the environment with reduced runoff.


Prewetting rock salt with LIQUIDOW™ helps attract the moisture salt needs to form liquid brine and kick start the melting process. This enhances salt’s performance, providing far greater results than using rock salt alone. You can also prewet abrasives like sand which will help it flow and penetrate packed snow and ice, as well as reduce waste from scatter.

Prewetting application rates vary, depending on weather conditions and the liquid deicer formulation. There are various application systems from which to choose, but one thing’s for sure: if you use a LIQUIDOW™ formulation for anti-icing or pre-wetting, you’ll stop Mother Nature in her tracks, save time and money, and make life easier on yourself while making roads safer for everyone.

Don’t just react to icy conditions – be ready for them. Call OxyChem Calcium Chloride today and find out more about LIQUIDOW™ and its high-performing qualities that help roads stay safe before the storm.