Keeping Highways
Open and Safe

Keeping roads open and safe in a full range of winter conditions is a top priority for road authorities, but ensuring ice-free road conditions can be a challenge, especially when unpredictable storms wreak havoc on crews, equipment and budgets. Calcium chloride enables road authorities to stretch deicer supplies and provide safer driving conditions more quickly, efficiently, effectively and economically.

Prewetting rock salt with a liquid solution of calcium chloride provides salt with the moisture it needs to initiate melting, particularly when temperatures drop to the point where dry rock salt melts ice very slowly. Anti-icing with liquid calcium chloride or a blended calcium chloride solution before a storm has been shown to significantly reduce overall deicer usage throughout the storm cycle. And dry blending solid calcium chloride with rock salt can provide faster ice melting when used to restore traction quickly in those critical areas such as steep grades and sharp curves. Dry blends also outperform straight rock salt at lower temperatures.

By improving the performance of rock salt and reducing overall deicer requirements, calcium chloride can also reduce the potential impact of your winter maintenance program on the environment.

Snowy Highway