Why Calcium Chloride for Dust Control?

May 03, 2019

close up of car tire on dirt roadFor more than a century, calcium chloride (CaCl2) has proven to be an affordable and effective dust suppressant used on countless miles of unpaved roads across North America. In fact, CaCl2 not only has the ability to tame dust over a wide range of gravel and climate conditions, but it can reduce the overall cost of maintaining unpaved roads as well. What makes calcium chloride so uniquely able to control dust as well as costs? Nature and science.

OxyChem’s calcium chloride is a naturally occurring hygroscopic material that attracts moisture from the air, forming a solution that keeps the road damp and dust-free, even under dry, hot conditions. This moisture binds fine aggregate particles together, creating a compact, hard surface that improves stability over time with regular, seasonal applications.

After an initial application, dust is immediately suppressed, and every subsequent application builds on the previous treatment for a cumulative effect. The result is consistent stability, improved road quality, and reduced application rates. In addition, since CaCl2 lowers the point at which moisture freezes, applications can even reduce frost damage to the roads, further reducing maintenance requirements.  

Few dust control products come close to providing this level of proven performance and long-lasting results.

OxyChem supplies both dry and liquid forms of CaCl2. Learn more about proper application practices and other benefits of calcium chloride and even calculate the cost difference to see for yourself why calcium chloride is the top choice for dust control. If you have questions, feel free to give us a call at 888-293-2336. OxyChem Calcium Chloride has a 100-year proven track record of dust control performance. Imagine what we can do for your dust control program.