Building Roads

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Creating better roads from top to bottom through effective road base stabilization and full-depth reclamation

You may not be able to see what’s beneath the surface of the roads you travel, but chances are you can feel it. Whether paved or unpaved, roads built on strong foundations are more comfortable and safer to drive on, withstand heavy traffic loads and changes in weather, last longer than other roads, and provide the highest return on taxpayer investment. Proper road base preparation or repair can easily pay for itself in reduced maintenance expense, and in contributions to public health and the environment. Liquid and solid calcium chloride products from OxyChem are used to stabilize road base gravel to ensure a strong yet flexible foundation for paved driving surfaces, or to create more durable unpaved roads. They are also used for full-depth reclamation of deteriorating asphalt roads, a process that can provide up to 50% cost savings over alternative construction techniques. These same products are also used to treat the surface of unpaved road surfaces to provide effective dust control.

Road Base Stabilization with Calcium Chloride