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Customer Testimony using PELADOW

Jan 26, 2021

OMT Marine Terminals, LLC
Oceanside, NY

100 Pedestrians per Day.
0 Complaints.
Plenty of Compliments.

Vic Liotta is the President of OMT Marine Terminals in New York and as such, overseas material purchasing and snow removal of over 22,000 square feet.  Because they are a marine terminal, there are people working outdoors year round, and to keep them safe, they cannot afford any downtime or damage to equipment due to snow and ice. They need an ice melt product they can depend on - and their number one choice is PELADOWTM. With OxyChem Calcium Chloride, they know they're getting a quality, American-made product they can count on.


"Past products we've used do not compare to PELADOWTM."

-Vic Liotta, President at OMT Marine Terminals, LLC