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The Science Behind the Calcium Chloride Advantage

Jan 13, 2020
snow melting on brick walkway

Winter has just begun and already property managers have been faced with clearing  icy sidewalks, entryways and parking lots. Balancing safety and a limited budget is always a challenge, and finding an effective deicer – both in performance and cost – is key.

Though it may be tempting to opt for salt alone or an inexpensive blend, take a closer look. Salt becomes ineffective when temperatures drop below a certain point and blends often claim to have the performance power of calcium chloride, but do not have enough of this active ingredient to perform according to their claim!

It’s not a good value if you need to use more product more often and spend additional time and resources in application and removal.

PELADOW™, on the other hand, offers many advantages for property owners trying to strike that coveted balance between safety and costs.

Containing 90% or greater amounts of calcium chloride, PELADOW™ is proven to penetrate ice up to 3 times faster than salt alone and blends containing lesser amounts of CaCl2. Even in extreme temperatures, the scientific properties of PELADOW™ allow it to absorb moisture from its surroundings, which releases heat and creates an ice-melting brine that quickly breaks the bond between ice and pavement.

This quick action has multiple advantages:

Minimizing slip and fall liability

Litigation costs from employee, customer or third party slip and falls can quickly add up in the form of legal fees, compensation, loss of productivity, increased insurance rates and bad publicity. The proven performance of PELADOW™ not only helps protect against slip and falls, but helps protect your business as well.

Complying with regulations

Local regulations typically define how quickly you must clear ice from your property. With fast-acting PELADOW™, you have peace of mind knowing these regulations will be easily met and fines or other penalties will be avoided.

Maintaining a quality reputation

When you demonstrate your desire to keep your property free of ice and snow, consumers and employees alike appreciate and respect your commitment to their safety, which reflects well on your company – important in both retaining and attracting customers, workers, tenants and business partners.

Reducing overall costs

Because of the effectiveness and efficiency of PELADOW™, you may pay a bit more up front, but not need to apply as much, which can pay dividends in the long-run.

Introducing less product into the environment

Finally, by using a product that works FAST, you can avoid over-application, which helps to minimize the impact on the environment.

Learn more about PELADOW™ and other OxyChem Calcium Chloride sidewalk ice-melt products to ensure you keep your property safe and your budget intact. With proper use and application, you can benefit from all the Natural Advantages OxyChem’s calcium chloride has to offer.