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All-Season Tips for Storing Calcium Chloride

Sep 30, 2019

peladow storageWhenever the seasons change, you can expect the weather to do the same. Summer’s hot and humid days transition into fall, with cooler temperatures and rain, followed closely behind by the cold and snowy days of winter. If you’ve been proactive and pre-ordered your ice melt products in preparation for winter’s wrath, that’s great. However, it’s important to make sure you protect your investment by protecting it from the elements. To maintain product quality, it is imperative that solid CaCl2 is fully protected from moisture exposure. Here are some helpful tips to follow:

  • Store in a dry area.
  • Tightly reseal after each use to prevent caking that may result from exposure to humid air.
  • Palletized product - this can be stored outside on a well-drained concrete or asphalt surface, covered by an intact (no tears, holes, etc.) plastic shroud.

If packages are not shrouded, they should be stored indoors or under a suitable, high-quality waterproof covering.

Learn more about proper storage and handling of our CaCl2 products in our helpful guide, Calcium Chloride: A Guide to Handling and Storage. Or, feel free to contact the experts at OxyChem Calcium Chloride.