Increased Driving Safety

Controlling dust improves visibility and results in greater rural driving safety. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety-Highway Loss Data Institute, sixty-three percent of passenger vehicle occupant deaths occurred in rural areas. Although there are many reasons for rural traffic fatalities, reduced visibility due to road dust on unpaved roads can be a contributing factor in many accidents.

A loose dusty surface can also reduce vehicle traction. When brakes are applied suddenly on a deteriorating unpaved road, tires can fail to grip on the loose, unstable gravel. Stopping distances are extended and vehicles can skid out of control, endangering drivers and vehicle occupants. Loose gravel on a deteriorating road may also pose a hazard to others. As fine particles in the road surface turn to dust, aggregate loosens and these coarse solids can become projectiles that pose a danger to other motorists, pedestrians, and neighboring residents and business employees.