Reduced Vehicle Damage

Even if you operate a car wash or a windshield glass or other automotive repair business, it is unlikely you are happy about the filth and damage caused to your personal vehicle by dusty, deteriorating roads. How much damage is caused to vehicles as gravel roads degrade? If just a portion of the more than $1 billion in annual revenue generated by over 7,000 U.S.1 auto glass repair shops results from loose aggregate in gravel roads, the total tab for vehicle damage due to poor unpaved road conditions is steep. Loose aggregate not only damages windshields, it also takes its toll on paint, chrome, headlights, suspension systems and other components. Dust can clog filters, erode seals, and form abrasive grit between moving parts. The harsh vibration caused by washboards and the impact of potholes can harm steering systems, tires and rims while loosening other components and contributing to long-term vehicle wear and tear, as well as potential vehicle safety issues.

1 U.S. Census Bureau's Statistics of U.S. Businesses.