Choosing the Right OxyChem Calcium Chloride Product

OxyChem offers several world-class calcium chloride products in a range of concentrations and forms to address various ice melting requirements. Selection of the optimum product for your application may depend on several factors including temperature requirements, application area, and the preferred product form. Following is an overview of OxyChem’s calcium chloride ice melter product line.

COMBOTHERM™ Commercial Strength Blended Deicer

When solid deicer volume requirements are high and economics are important, COMBOTHERM™ Commercial Strength Blended Deicer is a best-value solution. It is a unique performance blend that contains the highest percentage of calcium chloride of any blend on the market – at least 70%. Because it is comprised predominantly of calcium chloride, it is a better ice-melt material and a better value than blends composed mostly of rock salt, which are less effective when temperatures fall below 20°F (-7°C). COMBOTHERM™ keeps working to -25°F (-32°C) and it generates heat as it works, melting snow and ice faster than other blended deicers. COMBOTHERM™ contains a green performance indicator – as the snow and ice melt, the color fades showing how quickly COMBOTHERM™ works. The green coloring also serves as coverage indicator, so users can easily see how much they’ve applied and avoid over-application.

DOWFLAKE™ Xtra 83-87% Calcium Chloride Flakes

DOWFLAKE™ Xtra is a concentrated 83-87% calcium chloride flake product containing 10% more calcium chloride than conventional or imported 77% assay flake CaCl2 products. This higher concentration allows users to take advantage of the high performance ice melting capabilities of calcium chloride – it releases heat to jump-start ice melting, melts ice at lower temperatures, and melts ice faster. In the first 20 minutes after application at 20°F (-7°C), DOWFLAKE™ Xtra melts approximately 30% more ice than magnesium chloride flake, 35% more ice than rock salt, 130% more ice than urea and 400% more ice than potassium chloride. DOWFLAKE™ Xtra meets ASTM D98 and AASHTO M144 requirements. In addition to its advantages as a stand-alone deicing product, DOWFLAKE™ Xtra may also be incorporated in blends with rock salt or abrasives where its potency can speed ice melting, improve cold weather performance and assist in the effective application of these materials. DOWFLAKE™ Xtra can also be used to prepare liquid solutions of calcium chloride for anti-icing and ice melting sprays. See our Making Solutions with Dry Calcium Chloride Products calculator.

LIQUIDOW™ Calcium Chloride Solution

LIQUIDOW™ Calcium Chloride is a liquid solution available at 32% calcium chloride concentration for spray-application before storms to provide a cost-effective anti-icing treatment on parking lots and driveways, as well as sidewalks, steps and entryways. Truck- or other vehicle-mounted spray equipment, walk-behind sprayers, or backpack equipment may be used to apply the solution. LIQUIDOW™ may also be used to prewet rock salt and abrasives, increasing ice-melting effectiveness, improving application and reducing usage rates for those materials. Rock salt prewetted with LIQUIDOW™ 32% calcium chloride solution provides faster ice-melting and improved low temperature performance. Prewetting with calcium chloride tends to improve the flow of salt and salt-sand mixtures, and reduce bounce and scatter loss, which reduces overall ice melting cost. Sand and cinders prewetted with LIQUIDOW™ flow better, become better embedded in packed snow and ice, offer improved traction, and are less prone to bounce and scatter loss during application.

PELADOW™ Calcium Chloride Pellets

PELADOW™ Calcium Chloride Pellets are the premier snow and ice melter, ideal for clearing steps, sidewalks, driveways and parking lots. It’s the brand recommended and trusted by maintenance professionals. Containing 90% calcium chloride, PELADOW™ draws moisture from the air and pavement to speed the creation of brine that melts snow and ice on contact. The chemical reaction that produces brine also releases heat, which makes PELADOW™ more effective at colder temperatures than other materials. It is proven to melt ice up to three times faster than competing materials and outperforms other products across a wide range of temperatures. The round shape of PELADOW™ helps it penetrate ice and break the bond with pavement more quickly than flat or crystal-shaped ice melters, allowing easy removal of ice and snow.