Higher Quality of Life

Effective dust control can significantly improve the quality of life for those who live and work near unpaved roads, and those who travel on those roads. It is difficult to put a price tag on the simple pleasure of working or playing in the yard, walking or bicycling along a country road, hunting or fishing, bird watching, or just basking in the sun. But all of those experiences can be diminished by choking clouds of road dust.

What’s more, that same dust can cut into leisure time, increasing the need to clean windows and siding, sweep sidewalks and porches, and wash outdoor furniture. It can also render outdoor clothes lines almost useless, forcing homemakers to machine dry laundry even on the warmest and sunniest days – and tolerate resulting higher energy bills – to avoid dust contamination of sheets and towels. Dust that penetrates the interior of homes can coat walls, floors and furnishings, imposing an additional housekeeping burden. Trying to block the dust by closing windows and doors is only partially effective, and it increases the use air of conditioning, contributing to still higher energy bills.