Why Control Dust?

For thousands of communities, unpaved roads play an essential role in the transportation infrastructure. Nearly 2 million miles of U.S. roads are unpaved and approximately 365,000 miles of roadway are unpaved in Canada. Relatively inexpensive to build and maintain, unpaved roads provide thousands of people with vital access to work and schools, to the grocery store, and to health care facilities. And they link farms, forests, mines and wells – as well as manufacturers and product distributors – with the markets they serve.

Effective dust control is essential to keep unpaved roads drivable and safe. It is also an important way for road authorities to reduce annual maintenance, extend aggregate life and cut overall expense. Calcium chloride from OxyChem has a 100-year track record of proven dust control performance and improving the lives of those who live on or travel North America’s unpaved roads. Learn more about what an effective dust control program can do for you and your community:

Improved Roads

Lower Road Maintenance Expense

Increased Driving Safety

Reduced Vehicle Damage

Better Health

Protecting the Environment

Higher Quality of Life